The Humanities Cycle Commission

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The Humanities Cycle Commission consists of 14 talented and initiative teachers, who constantly strive to improve their professional level, experiment in the educational process, participate in conferences, regional methodological associations, and are at the centre of educational work at the college.

The peculiarity of the Humanities Cycle Commission is its versatility. Teachers work with students of all specialities, helping them to acquire the skills and abilities that they will need in their professional work and everyday life. Cycle Commission for Humanities provides teaching of humanities subjects, namely: general (ukrainian language, ukrainian literature, foreign literature, foreign language (english, german), ukrainian history, world history, civic education, art); special ( ukrainian language (by professional field of study), foreign language (by professional field of study), philosophy; basics of philosophical knowledge, religious studies).

The scientific and methodological problem that the teachers of the cycle commission are working on: “Ways to improve the quality of students' knowledge, skills, and abilities by updating the forms and methods of work in the process of education and personal development”.

Areas of the commission's work: use of innovative technologies in the English language classroom; interactive teaching methods as a means of developing dialogue skills and creating communicative situations in the classroom; innovative approaches in preparation for EIT/NMT in ukrainian language; the use of flash cards in ukrainian language and literature classes; the use of information technologies in teaching history in history classes as an important factor in organising students' independent work of students; innovative methods of teaching the ukrainian language; development of a system of practical artistic and creative tasks for students in the discipline "Art"; fostering respect for human rights, pluralism and democracy, the rule of law among young Ukrainian citizens, and fostering their rejection of violence, xenophobia, racism, and aggression, intolerance; updating the forms and methods of work in the process of education and personality development with the help of Google's digital tools for education.

The staff of the cycle commission creates conditions for the full realisation of the student's internal potential and personal development with social and patriotic life position, independence, competence and responsibility in the social, professional and cultural spheres of life.