Faculty of Humanities and Technology



Dean - Oleksandr V. Omelchuk,

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.


Secretary of the dean's office - Pasevych Maria Oleksandrivna


Departments of the Faculty:

- Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Their Teaching (Head of the Department - Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Kucher V.V.);

- Department of Theory and Methods of Labor Training and Technologies (Head of the Department - I.V. Tsisaruk)

- Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature and Methods of Teaching (Head of the Department - Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor Nazarets V.M.)

- Department of Information Technologies and Methods of Teaching Informatics (Head of the Department - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Babiy N.V.)


Training programs:


014 Secondary education (Language and literature (English))

014 Secondary education (Language and literature (German))

014 Secondary education (Language and literature (Polish))

014 Secondary education (Ukrainian language and literature)

014 Secondary education (Informatics)

014 Secondary education (Labor training and technology)

Master's degree:

014 Secondary education (Language and literature (English))

014 Secondary education (Language and literature (German))

014 Secondary education (Ukrainian language and literature)

014 Secondary education (Labor training and technologies)

More than 360 full-time and part-time students study to become teachers of English, German, Polish, Ukrainian language and literature, history, labor training and technology, computer science.



The educational process involves 55 teachers (50 on a permanent basis), including 7 doctors of sciences, 6 professors, 37 candidates of sciences, 23 associate professors.

The traditions of in-depth study of foreign languages and history, mastering the technologies of labor training date back to the times of educational institutions of the XIX-XX centuries: Volyn Gymnasium (Lyceum), Kremenets Lyceum, Kremenets Teachers' (Pedagogical) Institute.

The training of specialists in philology and history is based on a rich historical past: (functioning of educational centers since 1636, book printing), staying in Kremenets region of prominent figures of Ukrainian and world literature (M. Kostomarov, T. Shevchenko, M. Drahomanov, O. Pchilka, M. Petrov, M. Kotsyubynsky, U. Samchuk, G. Hordasevych, O. Liaturynska, Y. Pokalchuk, I. Hnatiuk, Y. Slovak, V. Korolenko, O. de Balzac, Y. Ivashkevych).

V.Y. Yakubova (Lomakovych) was appointed the first Dean of the School of Foreign Languages (since 1998 - the Department of Foreign Languages). Subsequently, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor V.G. Mazurоk was elected the Dean of the Faculty, who invariably headed it until 2018.



The training of labor training teachers was founded in 1969 in Kremenets Pedagogical College. The Head of the Department of Labor Training and Drawing, later - the Dean of the Faculty of Labor Training was Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences B.A. Prokopovych.

In February 2019, in connection with the opening of new educational and professional programs at the bachelor's and master's levels, the Faculty of Humanities was reorganized into the Faculty of Humanities and Technology.

At the service of teachers and students there are 2 resource centers for learning foreign languages, video and audio equipment, access to the Internet, modern software. In connection with the launch of the training of Polish language teachers, a multimedia resource center for learning Polish was created at the faculty.

More than 15 workshops, specialized computer classes and laboratories are equipped for the training of specialists in technological specialties. The main emphasis in the training of technology teachers is made on practical training, the revival of folk traditions of decorative and applied arts, artistic processing of materials (metal, wood, vine, clay, fabric). The best creative works of students of the specialty decorate the interiors of educational buildings, are exhibited in the exhibition hall of the Academy.

Over the past five years, teachers and students of the faculty have published more than 300 scientific and methodological works (monographs, textbooks, manuals, methodological developments, scientific articles).

Over the years of the Faculty's existence, more than 3 thousand highly qualified teachers have been trained, who work in educational institutions, science, publishing houses, state and administrative work, in public organizations, foreign language courses in Ukraine and abroad, at enterprises, in business.