Taras Shevchenko Professional College



Roman Dubrovskii - is the acting director of the Vocational College of the  Kremenets Taras Shevchenko Regional Academy of Humanities and Pedagogy, Candidate of Philology, associate professor, specialist of the highest category, and a teacher-methodologist




Pavlo Yalovskyi – Deputy Director for Education and Training, Doctor of Philosophy  



In 2005, the Kremenets Pedagogical College resumed its activities as part of the Kremenets Taras Shevchenko Regional Academy of Humanities and Pedagogy to provide degree education. In accordance with the licence and accreditation certificates, the Pedagogical College trains junior specialists in the following specialities: “Preschool education”, “Technology education”, “Musical Art”, “Fine Art”, “Physical Education”.

The priority task of the teaching staff of the college is to form a professionally educated, intellectually rich, and physically perfect student. The subject of constant attention from college management is the clear organization of the educational process and the high level of its methodological support.

The educational process is carried out by 111 teachers. These are highly qualified specialists, most of whom have work experience and pedagogical skills and are boundlessly dedicated to the training of future teachers.

The educational process is provided by both the full-time teaching staff of the college and the research and teaching staff of the institute with academic degrees and academic titles. The teaching staff includes 7 candidates of science, 28 specialists of the highest qualification category, of whom 11 have the pedagogical title of "teacher-methodologist" and 8 are "senior lecturer". There are 26 lecturers working on dissertation research.

The educational process of the college (as a structural subdivision) uses the material base of the Kremenets Taras Shevchenko Regional Institute of Humanities and Pedagogy, in particular, the electronic library and the Internet resource centre, computer classes, workshops, laboratories, concert and choreographic halls, sports complex, etc.

Students of the college are involved in scientific and research work and participate in the institute's student scientific conferences.  A system of work related to the revival of folk crafts was developed and put into practice. The college hosts an exhibition of creative works by teachers and students.

The college has a political discussion club and the art circles "Palette" and "Inspiration”, Easter egg-making circle, and "Young Journalist" (journalism students won the All-Ukrainian competition of multimedia projects "To save from oblivion"). The educational institution has an experimental student theatre “The Piligrim” (performances "Romeo and Juliet", "Aeneid", "I dug the herbs early on a Sunday Morning", and "There is someone to go from, someone to go to”).

Students have access to amateur artistic circles such as the bandura chapel, an amateur folk choir, the folk artistic vocal ensemble "Kalina", a chamber choir, a dance studio, and others.

Students are involved in table tennis, athletics, football, volleyball, handball, chess, powerlifting, amresling, and skiing.

After graduating from the college, our graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in the 3rd year of the academy to obtain a bachelor's degree in the relevant field of study.

To summarise, we appeal to potential applicants and invite them to study at the Applied College of Kremenets Taras Shevchenko Regional Academy of Humanities and Pedagogy. The teaching staff of the college will do everything possible to ensure that our students have a high level of knowledge and are competitive in the modern labour market.