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Nazarets Vitalii Mykolayovych

Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Doctor of Philology







Vasylyshyn Oleh Vasylyovych

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor



Dubrovskyi Roman Oleksandrovych

Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences



Volianiuk Inna Overkivna

Associate Professor, Candidate

of Philological Sciences

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Kominyarska Iryna Mykolaivna

Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences



Pasichnyk Olena Vasylivna

Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences



Poliak Iryna Pavlivna

senior lecturer,

Candidate of Philological





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Philology at the Kremenets Taras Shevchenko Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy dates back to the founding of the Teacher Training Institute (1940). In different years, linguists I. Slynko, Z. Tykhokhod, V. Pokalchuk, I. Lukianenko (Savych), V. Andrievsky, O. Barabokha, L. Khudash, P. Shelest and others worked here. The opening of the Kremenets Teachers' Institute marked a qualitatively new stage in the development of education in the Ternopil region. There was an urgent need to train teachers who could teach children in Ukrainian, including teachers of Ukrainian language and literature. Language and Literature was one of the faculties of the Institute. Initially, significant difficulties arose both with the recruitment of students (most of them had poor command of the Ukrainian language, did not have the level of knowledge necessary for higher education) and with the formation of departments. There was a lack of Ukrainian-language educational literature.

The establishment of the educational process was interrupted by the war. The teacher of Ukrainian language, head of the Faculty of Language and Literature Y. Vazhnychyi was killed at the front. The revival of the Institute began in 1944. The Faculty of Language and Literature enrolled 14 students. In the first post-war year, ten language teachers were sent to the educational institutions of the region.

Teachers - graduates of Kyiv and Kharkiv Universities, as well as Nizhyn Pedagogical Institute came to Kremenets Alma Mater. Linguistic disciplines were taught by G. Havrysh, G. Lysenko, N. Vyshnevskyi, later - E. Babiak (Andrievska), O. Melnychuk (later Doctor of Philology, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR). The Dean of the Faculty of Language and Literature I. Zabokrytskyi, teachers of the Old Slavonic language P. Vyshnevskyi, Ukrainian literature V. Zots, foreign literature N. Isaieva gained high authority among students.

However, in 1956 the faculty was disbanded, and students were transferred to Lviv State University. Members of the Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature went to work in other educational institutions. In particular, I. Slynko for a long time headed the Department of Ukrainian Language at Chernivtsi State University, where he defended his doctoral dissertation and received the academic title of professor. Among the graduates of those years significant successes in science were achieved by I. R. Vykhovanets - Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Philology, Professor, E. A. Pasichnyk - Doctor of Philology, Professor.

The work of the cycle commission of humanitarian disciplines was restored in 1969, when the Pedagogical College was opened in the city of Kremenets. The cycle of humanitarian disciplines was read to students by Y. Redko, L. Sledzinska, S. Koroliuk, O. Zelinskyi, M. Andriychuk, O. Kanivska, N. Brechko, V. Holubovska, O. Vasylyshyn, O. Pasichnyk, L. Rostkivska. After the reorganization of the school into a college, the number of teachers of the cycle commission increased.

The figures of writers from the region I. Hnatiuk, H. Hordasevych, S. Dauskov, M. Kreminyarivska, B. Kharchuk attract the younger generation of researchers. After many years of tracking the creative laboratory of the writer, college teacher O. Vasylyshyn defended his dissertation "Creativity of Borys Kharchuk (evolution of artistic thinking)" (1997). Under his leadership, the Kharchuk Room-Museum was created, the expositions of which reflected the life of the writer, as well as lifetime publications, letters, photographs and more.

In recent years, teachers have been working on scientific research within the framework of the departmental theme "Linguistic and literary processes in Volyn and Galicia over the centuries". The result of this work was the defense of dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Philological Sciences by O. Pasichnyk "The image of the world and the concept of the hero in the works of Ulas Samchuk and Alexander Solzhenitsyn on prison-camp themes", I. Volianiuk "Formation and development of the oikonomy of the Northern Ternopil region of the XII - XX centuries", I. Kominyarska "Artistic embodiment of the national identity of the hero in the prose of Ulas Samchuk", R. Dubrovsky "Lyrics of Halyna Hordasevych: problems, poetics".

The department has a research laboratory "Creativity of Ulas Samchuk and Borys Kharchuk: artistic chronicle of the twentieth century" (headed by O. Vasylyshyn). Teachers have held a number of scientific and scientific-practical conferences dedicated to the works of B. Kharchuk, H. Hordasevych, writers in the conditions of blocked culture, the 380th anniversary of the "Kremenets Grammar", etc. In 2014, the training of teachers of Ukrainian language and literature was launched under the bachelor's program, and in 2017 - under the master's program. In other educational programs, the teachers of the department provide teaching of such elective courses as "Ukrainian Studies", "Fundamentals of Literary Creativity", "Fundamentals of Journalism", "Linguistics of Internet Resources", "Rhetoric", "Pedagogical Rhetoric", "Workshop on Modern Ukrainian Literary Language", etc. Applicants for higher education have the opportunity to get acquainted with professional writers at creative meetings, take part in language and literary quests, deepen their knowledge by participating in the work of the circle "Ukrainian Word: Systemic Connections in Language and Speech" (headed by I. Volianiuk). Future teachers-philologists are among the regular winners of the All-Ukrainian Open Marathon in the Ukrainian Language named after Petro Yatsyk and the International Language and Literary Competition of Pupils and Students named after Taras Shevchenko.

Teachers of the Department actively cooperate with institutions of general secondary education, Tyliv Literary and Memorial Museum of Ulas Samchuk, Ternopil Regional Communal Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education.

The department provides teaching of the following educational components:

First (bachelor's) level of higher education:

Ukrainian language for professional purposes, introduction to linguistics, introduction to literary studies, introduction to the specialty (with elements of propaedeutic practice), foreign literature, methods of teaching Ukrainian literature, methods of teaching Ukrainian language, technology of modern Ukrainian language lesson and Ukrainian literature lesson, modern Ukrainian literary language, workshop on modern Ukrainian literary language, ancient Ukrainian literature, history of Ukrainian literature, theory of literature, folklore, Old Slavonic language, history of Ukrainian literature, history of Ukrainian literature.

Second (master's) level of higher education:

Ukrainian scientific language, methodology of modern linguistics, methodology of teaching philological disciplines in general secondary education, modern Ukrainian literary process, modernism and postmodernism in the modern literary process, topical issues of world literature: comparative aspect, analysis and interpretation of literary texts, theory of literature in the school course of foreign literature, industrial (pedagogical) practice.



Our routine and holidays

Meeting with writer Yulia Bondiuchna


Borys Kharchuk`s "Little Motherland"
An open lecture dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lesya Ukrainka



Meeting with professor Natalya Koktusiak


Bachelor's degree graduates take state exams


Online celebration of Lina Kostenko's anniversary
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