Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education History and Arts


Vrochynska Liudmyla Ihorivna - Dean of the Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education, History and Arts, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.


The Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education, History and Arts provides students with bachelor's degrees in the specialties 012 Preschool Education, 013 Primary Education, 014 Secondary Education (Musical Art), 014 Secondary Education (Fine Arts), 014 Secondary Education (History) and master's degrees in the specialties 012 Preschool Education, 014 Secondary Education (Musical Art).

The historical roots of the training of specialists in pedagogical education and arts in Kremenets go back to the activities of the Volyn Gymnasium, Volyn Lyceum, Kremenets Lyceum and Kremenets Pedagogical College. Thus, in 1807, the Volyn Gymnasium planned to open a school for training primary school teachers and a women's seminary (governess school). Later (in 1921-1939), a teacher's seminary with a basic school functioned within the structure of the Kremenets Lyceum, which was later reorganized into a state pedagogical school. Graduates had a higher qualification level of pedagogical education and could work as mentors for young people. Particular attention was paid to the focus and tasks of preschool and primary education.

Since 1969, for the first time in Ternopil region, the Kremenets Pedagogical College has been training preschool teachers (junior specialists), and a little later - with an additional qualification "Organizer of musical activities in kindergarten". Among those who stood at the origins of these specialties are V.I. Shpak, A.O. Kalynobrotska, O.P. Makarenko, O.O. Yalovska, L.D. Yanchuk, M.V. Vasylyshyn, O.P. Tsyhypalo, S.M. Onyshkevych, N.Y. Rudzinska, S.M. Tkachuk, O.M. Tsybulska, L.O. Voitko, and L.O. Buniak, Andreychuk N.M., Skakalska L.O., Sivirska L.D., Levko A.F., Korchakivska L.V., Mulyk S.Z., Kretova L.O., Batanina L.D., Bondarenko N.E, Ivashkevych B.I., Kaminskyi V.V., Sapiga P.I., Sapiga M.K., Raichuk M.M., Sabran V.I., Shymko S.E., Valchuk O.A., Horbach O.A. and others.

In 1991, the Pedagogical College was reorganized into the Taras Shevchenko Kremenets Regional Communal Pedagogical College. For eleven years, bachelors in the specialty "Preschool Education" were trained here.

The training of teachers of music and fine arts for general education institutions at the bachelor's degree level began in 1994 at the Faculty of Arts, headed by senior lecturer V. M. Raichuk. In 1999, the first graduation of bachelor's teachers in these specialties was held. Since 2003, the training of specialists in the educational qualification level "specialist" has been launched.

The revival of higher education in Kremenets region (2002) made it possible to train specialists in preschool education at the educational qualification level of a specialist, which took place on the basis of the Faculty of Humanities, headed by senior lecturer V. Mazurko. as a result of the division of the previous structural subdivision, the Faculty of Preschool Education and Physical Culture was created, the dean of which was Senior Lecturer O. Pasichnyk. Later it was headed by Senior Lecturer I. Kominyarska. In unison with the latest demands of the labor market, in 2009, it launched the training of specialists in the field of "Social Pedagogy", and today the specialty "Social Work".

In February 2010, L.I. Vrochynska, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Methods of Preschool and Primary Education, was elected Dean of the Faculty. Taking into account the growing need for highly qualified specialists for the education system, in the same year the faculty launched retraining and advanced training of preschool teachers, in 2017 the specialty "Primary Education" was licensed, and in 2018 - "Psychology".

A significant achievement was the opening of the Master's Degree in Musical Art (2010), graduates of which receive master's degrees with the qualification of a teacher of musical disciplines and the specialty "Preschool Education" (2017) - a teacher of preschool pedagogy and psychology, organizer of preschool education, and from 2021 - a manager of preschool education, a teacher of a preschool education institution. The fields of activity of master's graduates are educational institutions and scientific and methodological institutions that require specialists with creative research skills in relevant fields of knowledge.

The Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education, History and Arts remains the only one in the system of higher education institutions of Ternopil region that provides a multi-level higher education in the fields of preschool education and arts, as the structure of the Kremenets Taras Shevchenko Regional State Pedagogical Academy includes a college that trains these specialists in the degree of higher education "junior specialist".


  The faculty is proud of its graduates of various specialties and years who have become successful professionals and well-known specialists in their field: Professor of Ternopil National University of Economics, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Patii M.; Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Methods of Preschool Education of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University Kirsta N.; Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute named after Ferenc Rakoczi II Lazarovych N.; Head of the Department of Education and Sciences

Among the graduates who successfully carry out professional activities are directors and methodologists of preschool education institutions, head teachers, organizers of extracurricular activities, methodology teachers, Honored Workers of Culture of Ukraine. Some graduates have become scientists and successfully work in our educational institution (Kravets L.M., Vrochynska L.I., Marunko O.A., Onyshchuk I.A., Tymosh Y.V., Lehin V.B., Shvets O.V., Solyar L.V., Ratynska I.V., Ilchuk L.P., Synenkyi D.V., Pogonets I.V.).

The professional training of students is provided by three departments of the Faculty: Pedagogy, Preschool and Primary Education (Headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor T. Fasolko), Art Disciplines and Methods of Teaching (Headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor I. Ratynska) and History and Methods of Teaching (Headed by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor I. Skakalska). The educational process at the Faculty is provided by 40 academic staff of the above departments, including 4 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 1 Doctor of Sciences, Professor of the Department; 20 Candidates of Sciences, including 1 Candidate of Sciences, Professor; 13 PhDs, associate professors, 1 PhD, associate professor of the department; 4 PhDs, senior lecturers; 1 PhD, lecturer; 1 associate professor, Honored Artist of Ukraine, 1 associate professor, Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, 6 senior lecturers, 5 concertmasters and 2 assistants. The academic staff is successfully engaged in scientific and educational work, providing a high level of professional knowledge, skills and abilities of students, mastering the methods and means of educational influence on children, actively forming the creative personality of a future specialist as a person with an innovative style of thinking.

The Faculty has three modern computer classrooms equipped with multimedia, united in a local network and connected to a general computer network with Internet access. The classrooms are equipped with video and audio equipment, which increases the efficiency of quality perception and learning.


  The Faculty develops ties with higher education institutions of Ukraine (Rivne State University, Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, Volodymyr Hnatiuk Ternopil National Pedagogical University, Drahomanov National Pedagogical University, Taras Shevchenko National Pedagogical University of Chernihiv, Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University, Khmelnytsky National University) and Poland (Lublin Technical University). As part of the cooperation, it is important to restore the Kremenets art plein airs that took place in the 1930s in the Kremenets region with the participation of Ukrainian and Polish masters of the brush, thanks to the creative cooperation of artists from the Department of Methods of Teaching Art Disciplines with the International Institute for Art History Research (Krakow, Poland) and the Polish Social and Cultural Society "Forum Innovatii Odin".

Within the framework of the program "Academy - Rural School" and "Academy - Basic Rural Institution of Preschool Education", the Faculty cooperates with Horyn Secondary School and the preschool institution in the village of Komnata, Kremenets district, Ternopil region, to provide them with real assistance in the material and technical and methodological equipment of the relevant classrooms, organize joint seminars, workshops, round tables and conferences, and optimize students' pedagogical practice.

The Faculty has artistic groups "Inspiration" and "Palette" and 11 amateur groups, six of which have been awarded the title of "People's". Among them are the bandura band, folk choir, dance ensemble "Horlytsia", vocal ensemble "Kalyna", orchestra of folk instruments, and chamber choir.

  It has already become a good tradition of the faculty to annually initiate freshmen into students, hold an amateur performance, celebrate Preschooler's Day and Education Workers' Day, organize a charity event at the Kremenets Children's Sanatorium (on St. Nicholas Day), and New Year and Christmas carols.


Considerable attention is also paid to the formation of a proper scientific culture of future specialists. In this context, youth development is fostered through science days, competitions, and annual university student scientific conferences. Active participants and winners receive honors, certificates, and rewards, and participate in national or international scientific and practical conferences and national student competitions and contests. Taking into account the growing requirements for specialists with higher education and the tasks of Ukraine's continuous accession to the European educational community, the School is constantly modernizing and improving its educational, scientific, and educational activities.