Cycle commission of physical education



The search for new forms of work in the fields of physical education, physical culture, and sports
is very relevant today. The changes taking place in Ukraine in the social, political, and economic spheres oblige educational institutions to take a more responsible attitude towards the education of the younger generation, reform the physical education system, and look for new ways to engage young people in physical education and healthy lifestyles.

The educational process is provided by teachers of the cycle commission of physical education with extensive experience: head of the cycle commission Oleksandr Hurkovskyi;  Honoured Education Worker of Ukraine, lecturer methodologist Kateryna Yerusalymets; teacher of the highest category Vasyl Kokhanets; lecturer methodologist Yurii Yavorskyi; specialist Andrii Saienko.

Scientific work is one of the leading aspects of the activities of the cycle commission. The range of interests of teachers is wide, namely: training of specialists in physical education, health issues of the younger generation, and training of athletes. In their scientific research, teachers cooperate with colleagues from other higher education institutions of Ukraine and participate in international and scientific conferences. In recent years, more than 15 scientific articles have been published. Teachers of the of the cycle commission published 5 tutorials, 20 textbooks, 35 guidance notes that are actively used in the educational process not only at our educational institution but also in other educational institutions of Ukraine.