Faculty of Physical Education, Biology and Psychology


Dean - Oleksandr Olehovych Berezhanskyi,

PhD in Physical Education and Sports,

Associate Professor, Master of Sports of Ukraine in Nordic Combined


Secretary of the Dean's Office - Liliia Solomoniuk

Address: 1, Lyceumna St., Kremenets, Ukraine

(sports building)

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic staff - 34 people, including

Doctors of Sciences, Professors - 2;

Candidates of Sciences, Professors - 2;

Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors - 10;

Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors - 2;

Candidates of Sciences, Senior Lecturers - 8;

Senior Lecturers - 4;

assistants - 6.

Departments of the Faculty:

- Theory and Methods of Physical Education (Head of the Department - Candidate of Sciences in Physical Education and Sports, Associate Professor V. A. Holub);

- Theoretical and Biological Bases of Physical Education (Head of the Department - Candidate of Biological Sciences, Professor O. M. Dovhan);

- Biology, Ecology and Methods of Teaching (Head of the Department - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor M. M. Ilienko).

- Psychology and Social Work (Head of the Department - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Volodymyr Terpeliuk).

Educational and professional training programs:

First (bachelor's) level of higher education

Secondary education (Physical education)

Secondary education (Biology and human health)



Second (master's) level of higher education

Secondary education (Physical education)

Secondary education (Biology and Human Health)

The faculty of the Faculty is working to improve the quality of training of higher education applicants, diversify the forms and methods of organizing educational, scientific, educational and training processes. The basis for the professional training of higher education students is the study and implementation of best practices of the best specialists in the industry.

Ensuring the educational and training process of higher education applicants is aimed at acquiring high quality knowledge, motor skills and abilities in the chosen specialty, the ability to apply them in practice, organizing creative work, self-improvement. The high efficiency of the scientific and educational work of the faculty's departments is ensured by the introduction of modern computer technology, which makes it possible to intensify the educational process and prepare highly professional specialists to work in the conditions of information education.

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The Faculty has a modern material and technical base: a game gym, a specialized gymnasium, a gym for athletics and powerlifting, an athletics stadium, a volleyball court, and a tennis hall. To conduct scientific research and scientific field practices in the relevant natural disciplines in the process of training future specialists in the specialty 014 Secondary Education (Biology and Human Health), educational and research laboratories, a greenhouse, a 15-hectare educational and research station, which includes educational and research land plots, a pharmacy garden, an apiary and a production department are used.

The faculty members are working on the formation of a health-preserving educational environment of the institution, using active forms and methods of teaching. The organization and holding of sports competitions and round tables dedicated to World Health Day have become traditional.

To attract students to physical education and sports, the School organizes the Academy and School Spartakiad in various sports. Interregional and international tournaments are organized annually: futsal in memory of the Hero of Ukraine V. Chornovil, volleyball in memory of the fallen soldiers in the Afghan war, and mini-football among veterans in memory of the Honored Journalist of Ukraine M. Balitsky.

Thanks to the professional selection of applicants and the constant search for talented athletes, the football team of the Academy FC "Kremenets-Academy" is a regular participant in the Ukrainian Football Championship among higher education institutions, which is held under the auspices of the All-Ukrainian Football Association of Students. In the 2012-2013 season, FC "Kremenets-Academy" became the Champion of Ukraine, and in 2018 our team won silver awards of the Ukrainian Football Championship among higher education institutions under the leadership of Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education A. Antoniuk.

In the course of their studies, students of the Faculty get acquainted with the unique natural, historical, cultural and tourist resources of the region as elements of an integrated ecological and tourist system within local territories, in particular the Kremenets Mountains National Nature Park and the Kremenets Botanical Garden. Organizing excursions along the routes of ecological and eco-tourist trails allows us to popularize ecological knowledge and predict the long-term consequences of human intervention in nature.

It has become a good tradition of the faculty to hold a number of environmental events (bird protection, green space renovation, restoration of historical sites in Kremenets), intellectual and environmental competitions, sports competitions, as well as traditional amateur performances "Initiation into Students", where every student can show their artistic talents.

The high scientific and methodological level and professional skills of the faculty members allow us to train future teachers of biology and human health, physical education and ecologists in accordance with the requirements of modern higher education. The best graduates of the faculty receive recommendations for master's and postgraduate studies, which gives them the right to work in higher education institutions of various accreditation levels, improve their professional skills, and implement the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in scientific work.

The achievements of the Faculty of Physical Education and Biology are a combination of knowledge and practical skills of experienced teachers and energy of young scientists, which allows us to work effectively today and look to the future with optimism.

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