Cycle of natural science disciplines


 In nature, everything is wisely thought out and arranged,

 everyone should mind their own business,

 and in this wisdom is the highest justice of life.


 Nature has taken care of everything so much

 that everywhere you find something to learn.


  • Leonardo da Vinci


The Cycle Commission of Natural Sciences - is an association of teachers whose main goal is to train competitive specialists in various specialties through the development of various skills and abilities and to improve students' professional literacy.

The cycle commission is focused on the competence requirements of modern education. All disciplines are taught in accordance with modern requirements for the organisation of training based on problem-solving and practically-oriented approaches.

To teach subjects of the natural and general technical cycles, we use such educational resources as information sources, electronic educational resources, and modern popular science information.

Omne ignotum pro magnifico - Everything unknown is wonderful

The teachers of the cycle commission of natural sciences are constantly improving their own level of professional training.

Scientia potentia est - Knowledge is power

The Cycle Commission consists of 6 teachers who work on a permanent basis at the Professional College, and 7 teachers of the academy with concurrent positions, who provide teaching of natural and mathematical subjects ( I. Bielova, A. Hura, O. Halahan, O. Tryhuba, V. Tseholko, I. Pihan, S. Zubkevych) and general technical disciplines (Y. Lishchuk, N. Babii, O. Furman, I. Halahan, A. Kholevinska). Among them are 6 PhDs, 7 teachers of the highest category, two of the first qualification category, one methodology teacher and three specialists.

Nulla aetasad discendum sera - It's never too late to learn

Our commission is an integral and organic part of the Kremenets Taras Shevchenko Regional Academy of Humanities and Pedagogy because, in addition to junior bachelor's degrees, graduates also receive certificates of complete secondary education, which gives them the opportunity to enter higher education institutions of the III-IV accreditation level.

The traditional form of work of the cycle commission of natural disciplines is the cycle commission week. During this reporting week, teachers hold various events, such as open classes and educational hours, competitions, and "round tables", revealing the high level of their methodological and educational work.

The creativity and professionalism of the teaching staff of the cycle commission of natural disciplines, the availability of appropriate methodological support, as well as the introduction of innovative technologies, allow for the quality of the educational process to be in accordance with the requirements of modern education.

Homines, dum docent, discunt! - People are still learning while they teach!